PanoVu Mini

PanoVu Mini

A recent addition to the lineup of 360-degree cameras is PanoVu Mini. A panoVu small series camera is the Hikvision DS-2PT3326IZ-DE3 camera. It is a camera that integrates both panoramic and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. This tool provides a 360-degree view. It implies that capturing the areas has no blind spots. Three lenses on it offer us the most coverage possible.

We may view zoomed photographs on it. This gadget belongs indoors. It features an 8MP resolution. It is an inside camera that may be utilised anywhere that is not directly exposed to the outside world. The camera can record to SD Cards. A tiny network camera, that’s what it is. It can also be utilised as a covert camera for a sizable area.

PanoVu Mini Installation

Hikvision Ltd. produces and sells the product. This business is known for producing high-quality goods. A wide variety of security-related products are available, including alarms, doorbells, access systems, security surveillance accessories, and CCTV cameras. This camera has a number of sensors. Both motion and auditory activity can be detected. Additionally, it can spot video tampering. Two-way audio is supported by the cam.

PanoVu Mini

PT3 Mini PanoVu

  • 3 lenses in one camera cover up to 360° field of view, ensuring zero-blind zone monitoring
  • The camera can be widely used in multiple indoor scenes such as retail store, classroom, office hall, hotel lobby, etc
  • Panoramic camera linked to a PTZ: capturing 360° images with the panoramic camera, as well as close-up images with the PTZ camera
  • Built-in IR light: IR range of 15 meters provides good visibility in low or even zero-light environments
  • H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 encoding: efficient compression hikvision technology saves storage space and reduces bandwidth requirements

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